About Us

Roughly two decades have passed since the efforts for smart and sustainable development in advanced countries. Arman Zamin Group is dedicated and making progress towards its ultimate goal: synchronizing and adapting urban management with the latest scientific methods, advanced technologies, and effective global management systems. The group aims to empower capable and creative local experts by drawing inspiration from intelligent management and planning methods worldwide and embracing local ideas.

Through engaging with policymaking, management, planning, and executive institutions across the country, the group seeks to achieve greater social justice, fair and smart distribution of economic and social resources, and become a source of valuable accomplishments in this field for Iran.

Sina Sahebi

CEO of Arman Zamin

We take immense pride in leveraging our specialized human resources and fostering a dynamic and creative environment to deliver exceptional software services. Our primary goal is to contribute to the advancement of smart city development. At Arman zamin, we are driven by a strong sense of mission, aiming to achieve social justice and promote smart and sustainable urban practices. We firmly believe in the power of taking effective actions and sharing up-to-date knowledge in alignment with the global community. As human knowledge continues to reveal new horizons of justice and intelligence for cities, we are committed to leaving behind outdated methods in urban management and embracing advanced tools. By harnessing the capabilities of our diligent colleagues, we aspire to shape a bright future for the cities of Iran.