Arman Zamin

FaraSoye Roshd Arman Zamin Company, consisting of a group of professors and graduates from reputable universities in the country, was established in 2019 with more than ten years of experience in urban management, transportation and traffic, automation, and human-centered insurance services. This organization, under the supervision of the Science and Technology Park of the Sharif University of Technology and Shahid Beheshti University, has taken practical steps in producing advanced traffic safety software, accident analysis, and urban management

Our Expertise

In this company, we are seeking to produce and continuously develop systems that guide and manage urban governance to achieve the goal of an intelligent and sustainable city

Our first product, called “Mersad,” was launched in 1400 (2021-2022) and was put into operation with the aim of developing intelligent solutions to reduce traffic accidents. This was the first step for Arman Zamin to enter the competitive market and move towards its long-term goals. All efforts in developing this product are focused on utilizing high-quality data and improving its efficiency in analyzing traffic incidents and enhancing safety decision-making measures

Our Values